Loaded is a management agency, born in 2009. We take care of Owl Vision, Deadbots & FCKN Crew.

When we first heard from FCKN Crew, they were a real crew. Nils and Antoine created the band in 2006 and immediately started to burn the clubs with their remixes (for Culture Prophet, Man&Man, Minitel Rose or Sly & The Gayz) and their original tracks Beatnicks or Carnage. After a first EP released on Believe, « Class Of Nuke’em High », something terrible happened : fight with guns, never-ending trips and techno music finally killed the FCKN Crew.

But long Brown hair and bear are not the only common points between Antoine and Jesus-Christ : he finally came back from shadows, and after a short « FCKN » episode, he’s now ready to start over.