Loaded is a management agency, born in 2009. We take care of Owl Vision, Deadbots & FCKN Crew.

Swedish Wonderboy Owl Vision strikes back. After the release, last month, of his wonderful EP “Field Of Corpses”, he’s now back with an awesome and violent remix for our french friend The Toxic Avenger. He gives to the track a darker, more violent and rough inspiration, trying to bring us, once again, on his ghostly dancefloor.

The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead (Owl Vision Remix)

DEADBOTS are Dublin born Paul Kelly, and Vancouver born Nina Knezevic. They have cultivated a curious interest on the electro scene. Pulling influence from 80’s synth pop, rock, disco, hip hop and techno. With a plethora of remixes both completed and upcoming for the likes of Hystereo, FCKN CREW, Arthur Baker, The Japanese Popstars, Humanzi, Meneo and OH SHIT, Ikki, and last years Deadbots’ track Watch Yo Back going to Number 1 on the Beatport Electro charts, the release of their 2nd EP featuring 36 Days & Someboday on New York’s OMG Recordings! with remixes by Hystereo & Heartache, and the upcoming release of thier 3rd E.P. featuring Much Better coming out soon on Satans Circus U.K. with remxies by SymbolOne and JackDied (Gooseflesh) on board this loved-up couple are kept busy. Nominated for best live act at the slick dj dance music awards,Their passion for music has seen them play at festivals, headline club nights and brought them to tear it up in Holland, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway and Ireland amongst others and a steady flow of bookings for live and dj shows from far and wide. Support comes from the likes of Digitalism, Hystereo, Markus Lange, FCKN CREW, Joost Van Bellen, SymbolOne, Arthur Baker, Jagz Kooner, Hey Today, Arveene & MISK, OH SHIT!, DerDieDas, Cyberpunkers, and The Emperor Machine to name a few. 

Owl Vision is Johannes Arnesson, stationed in Gothenburg, Sweden. Johannes started out making instrumental hiphop tracks and beats for rappers. It later evolved from making electronic hiphoptracks to making faster and harder electronic music. The music genre Owl Vision now represents is Death Electro. Dark, gothic and hard.

He plays his terrifying live set using only a sampler/drum machine. Owl Vision is one of those artists who’s not “checking his email” while on stage.
He has played all the big cities in Sweden and also crossed the border to headline an electro club in Copenhagen. Owl Vision has started to play his new live set at clubs and this summer you can see him play at some of Sweden’s biggest festivals (Arvikafestivalen, Emmabodafestivalen,Midsommarfestivalen).

Owl Vision was chosen “Unsigned Hype of the month” by Kissy Sellout on Radio BBC1 in England. His music have also been played on Swedish national radio.

When we first heard from FCKN Crew, they were a real crew. Nils and Antoine created the band in 2006 and immediately started to burn the clubs with their remixes (for Culture Prophet, Man&Man, Minitel Rose or Sly & The Gayz) and their original tracks Beatnicks or Carnage. After a first EP released on Believe, « Class Of Nuke’em High », something terrible happened : fight with guns, never-ending trips and techno music finally killed the FCKN Crew.

But long Brown hair and bear are not the only common points between Antoine and Jesus-Christ : he finally came back from shadows, and after a short « FCKN » episode, he’s now ready to start over. 

Well, hello. This is the first post of the official Loaded’s blog. Coming soon, all the news about the artists we love and the artists we work with. 

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